Michael Wickerson

Michael Wickerson, sculpture department associate professor and chair, talks about the sculpture program at KCAI.

Digital Filmmaking at KCAI: Student Perspectives

Students talk about the digital filmmaking programs at KCAI.

Experience adult art classes at KCAI

Hear what some adults students think about taking art classes through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Summer Camps

Get a taste for what the week-long summer art camps are like at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Frank Daharsh

Frank Daharsh ('86 industrial and graphic design)

Loreta Feeback

Loreta Feeback ('60 commercial art)

John Feeback

John Feeback ('59 graphic design)

Marlene Marks

Marlene Marks ('86 design)

Tom Ema

Tom Ema ('79 design)

Tim Heagerty

Tim Heagerty ('78 design)

James Kester

James Kester ('72 painting and printmaking)

Mike Cowne

Mike Cowne ('82 sculpture)

Emma Yanda

Emma Yanda ('46 advertising art)

Jeff Work

Jeff Work ('77 design)