James Woodfill

"Baltimore Avenue Rehab (Sideways)"

November 2011 through March 2012

In conjunction with the exhibition 2011 "Narrow Margins: 2011 KCAI Faculty Biennial" the Artspace invited artists within the KCAI community to submit proposals for the Artspace Project Wall. The selection committee included Ayla Rexroth, Jason Pollen, Katherine Pill, Archie Scott Gobber and Cara Megan Lewis. The committee chose the work of Kansas City artist and KCAI alumnus and instructor James Woodfill.

Woodfill’s image originated from an ongoing series of composite photo work started in 2007. According to Woodfill, this body of work explores the graphic perceptual presence of architecture and the dilemma of trying to remedy visual dissonance in the environment. Implicit in this visual disarray are the chaotic, organic social and cultural conditions that cause it. This work, as well as a variety of sculptural installations over the past few years, is an attempt to mentally reform these conditions, allowing coherent structures to emerge from the chaos. Woodfill has lived and worked as an artist in Kansas City since his graduation from KCAI.

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For more information about the artist, visit jameswoodfill.com