Dannielle Tegeder

January 26 - March 17


“Death Rock City, Fractured Floating City”, 2014, glass sculptures, Swarovski Crystal, acrylic sheets, ink, cardboard, title, rubber, wood, and various materials, on custom-built mirrored platforms. Courtesy of the artist
“Clineld (hydraulic machinery): where a liquid is the powering medium. High power density and wide array of actuators transferred through small tubes and flexible hoses become pressurized according to the resistance present; the fluid is controlled directly or.....,”, 2016, gouache, ink, colored pencil, graphite, water-based spray paint, pastel on Fabriano Murillo paper, Courtesy of the artist
“Blind Hierarchies”, 2016, framed drawings, mixed media, and wooden pedestals. Installation shot at Johannes Vogt gallery (Peter Halley iteration). Courtesy of the artist.

Dannielle Tegeder's work explores systems in drawing, painting, installation, sound, and animation and draw inspiration from the artist's deep history with architecture and urban planning. This exhibition invites the New York-based artist to create new site-specific wall drawings, an immersive and evolving sculptural installation, and new animated sound works in collaboration with composers.
Opening reception: Friday, January 25, 2018