Pierogi Flatfiles

January 19 - February 28


Installation view
Installation view
Installation view


The H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute hosted Pierogi Flatfiles, guest curated by Joe Amrhein in the main gallery of the Artspace, and "Kansas City Flatfiles" in the Project Room.
Pierogi 2000, a Brooklyn based gallery, is owned and operated by artist Joe Amrhein, who began the gallery in 1994.  Amrhein conceived of this artist-run space as an alternative venue in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn to support and show work by emerging artists not represented by commercial galleries. Since opening, the Pierogi collection has grown significantly and become increasingly recognized, now including the work of nearly 600 artists from New York and beyond.  An abridged selection of the Pierogi Flatfiles has traveled to London, Vienna ,San Francisco, Los Angeles, and now to Kansas City.
A central component of the exhibition at the Artspace are three large Flatfile cabinets, each containing over 100 artist portfolios of works on paper, photography and mixed media.
Viewers carefully perused the work at their leisure. This unique and interactive process allowed viewers to experience the art in an intimate way.

Augmenting the flat files was an installation in the gallery of over thirty works by Pierogi artists, selected and installed salon style by Joe Amrhein, Pierogi's founding director.



Pierogi Flatfiles wall, Artspace main gallery
curated by Joe Amrhein


1.              Ulrike Palmbach
2.              Marilla Palmer
3.              Jim Torok
4.              Stephan Roloff
5.              Mark McLoughlin
6.              Chris James
7.              James Lee Etheredge IV, MD
8.              Leslie Roberts
9.              Tag Team – Tim Sharman and Walter Robinson
10.           Nader Ebrahimi
11.           Kim Jones
12.           Ricci Albenda
13.           Peter Garfield
14.           Chris Johanson
15.           Richard Woods
16.           Lawrence Weiner
17.           Ruth Root
18.           Katia Santibanez
19.           Jef Scharf
20.           Chris Doyle
21.           David Henry Brown, Jr.
22.           Katie Merz
23.           Xylor Jane
24.           Lori Taschler
25.           Brad Kahlhamer
26.           Brad Spence
27.           Karen Arm
28.           Charles Spurrier
29.           Jonathan Herder
30.           David C. Scher
31.           David Kramer
32.           Don Doe
33.           Kathleen Kucka
34.           Amy Sillman
35.           Michelle Lopez
36.           Louis Brawley
37.           Tom Martinelli
38.           Jean Blackburn
39.           Larry Krone
40.           Daniel Zeller
41.           Nicole Eisenman
42.           Gene Oldfield
43.           Kim Kimball
44.           Garret Keith
45.           David E. Stone
Kansas City Flatfile artists incluided: Jay Ariaz, Miki Baird, Cecilia Bakker, Lindsay Barras, Rick Brown, Tim Brown, Stephen Bushman, Norma Cowdrick, Cody Critcheloe, Deanna Dikeman, Eleanor Droll, John Ferry, David Ford, Nate Fors, Anne Gagel, Gear, Lester Goldman, David Goodrich, Shea Gordon, Carol Granger, Rachel Hayes, Adriane Herman, Andrea Hickerson, Peregrine Honig, Wm. Howell, Gesina Janzen, Seth Johnson, Leeah Joo, Tammi Kennedy, Graham Lane, Max Lawrence, Ke-Sook Lee, Anne Lindberg, Rachel Malcolm-Woods, Amalia Marino, Karen McCoy, Johnny Naugahyde, Karen Owsley Nease, Sara Nelson, Garry Noland, John Ochs, Clint Paugh, David Poindexter, Derek Porter, Brian Reeves, Nick Roberts, Eric Robertson, Warren Rosser, Eric Sall, Michael Schonhoff, Emil Schutze!, Scribe, Mike Sinclair, Joseph Smith, Mary Bridget Stewart, Craig Subler, Dave Todd, Kati Toivanen, James Trotter, May Tveit, Cara Walz, Jaimie Warren, Jacqueline Warren, Davin Watne, Andrew Wells, Mary Wessel, Susan White, Neal Wilson, Allan Winkler, James Woodfill, and Matt Wycoff




Press Release

H&R Block Artspace Presents Pierogi Flatfiles in the main gallery, and Kansas City Flatfiles in the Project Room.
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Wed, 2001-01-17

A central component of the exhibition at the Artspace are three large Flatfile cabinets, each containing over 100 artist portfolios of works on paper, photography and mixed media.